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Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

This recipe is a healthier version of an all-time favorite -- fried chicken tenders! This recipe is significantly lower in saturated fat and is even gluten free (if using gluten-free corn flakes)!

Anyone who has an air fryer knows its convenience. I love it when cooking for 1, as I can easily put a meat and vegetable in the air fryer and have a meal in 20-30 minutes that I can set and forget. It's also great for its intended purpose, making mock fried foods. This recipe capitalizes on that feature of an air fryer. While the recipe doesn't taste and crunch like a truly fried chicken tender, it's similar enough (and healthy enough) for a weekday meal the whole family can enjoy.

For 3 chicken strips, this recipe provides about 300 Calories, is 1 carb serving (coming in at about 13g carbs), and provides about 43g of protein. Since fortified corn flakes are used in this recipe, it's high in quite a few vitamins and minerals, including most B vitamins, selenium, and iron.

For a healthier dipping sauce, you can also make this homemade honey mustard sauce. This sauce is absolutely delicious and a must-have in my home when serving up these chicken tenders. Per 2 Tbsp. serving, this recipe adds about 110 Calories and an additional carb serving to your meal, so I'll normally serve this combo with a lower Calorie, non-starchy vegetable, like green beans.

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